Our values - LR Technologies Groupe

Our values.

Charter of the Happy “Libellian”

1 - Smart is an attitude
Our firm’s number one asset is our “Libellians”. Libellians have a “smart attitude”: they smile, are punctual and considerate, listen to others and make themselves available, have a sunny disposition, are committed, and share all sorts of constructive ideas.

2 - The game is life, life is a game
At LR Technologies Group, many important ideas are shared around a game of table football. That is where our team spirit, motivation, agility and, also, humility are fostered. “Libellians” do not take themselves seriously, because they always remember that life is but a game, and business as well.

3 - A culture of recognition
Being grateful. Knowing how to say thank you to colleagues, consultants, applicants, visitors – everyone – is crucial. Curiosity and the involvement of everyone in the life of our galaxy are not to be taken for granted nor are they an end in and of themselves. They are a gift that we share with each other – a tree to be nurtured and showered with thanks.



4 - Availability as a cornerstone
For a “Libellian”, availability is fundamental. A “Libellian” is agile and rapid, adapts to each situation, answers questions asked, and does not evolve in a stagnant schematic. The firm’s structure and organization facilitate the free circulation of ideas and encourage direct communication. It’s better to talk to someone in person than write emails. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Rely on best practices, such as the “Need a Solution?” meetings. These are all opportunities to nurture availability.

5 - The power of intention
In our galaxy, there are no territories or borders. We are all “Libellians”. Behind each “Libellian” is a human being. Yes! Who has passion, talent, instincts, ideas and dreams. At the office, a MOOD BOARD is available. Anything and everything you can offer can be marked on this wall: a mood, a quotation, an address, a proposal … Give freely and without expecting any return – that is how a Libellian demonstrates dedication and generosity.




6 - Fun is a serious thing
“Libellians” are not perfect and readily admit to having a “look at the ring” side, because self-mockery can be a positive trait. In our Libellian galaxy, the culture of celebrations, beautiful things, good times, great restaurants and perfect destinations is a way to motivate, relax and also reward. Libellians therefore nurture a taste for challenges and success. They aren’t in a race for recognition. They know how to nurture their inner child.

7 - I create, therefore I am
We are all artists within our galaxy. Many workshops are organized in the Libellian galaxy so that everyone can share their ideas and creativity. “Libellians” are asked to work together and bolster the firm’s organization or strategy a few times every year. Everyone makes a contribution and participates in this team-based collaborative adventure.

8 - Train and grow
A happy “Libellian” is one who grows. Libellians have a right to training and to change throughout their lives. In the Libellian galaxy, the training office is open to coherent requests that benefit everyone – both employees and the company. Because a trained Libellian is a happy one, don’t hesitate to make a request; the response time is never long and always clear: it’s either yes or no.




9 - Solidarity always
“Libellians” are committed to solidarity and mutual assistance. If anyone needs a hand to move or some advice or a little time, they should be able to find it right away and close-by. Libellians foster this commitment to solidarity internally every day and also through different activities and events they organize and suggest over the year.

10 - Happy moderation and the “Colibri” movement
“Libellians” like to take care of themselves, their health, nutrition and soul. Sports in the Libellian galaxy are not just an activity but a way of life. Libellians are responsible for themselves, others and their environment. In terms of nutrition, they look for local produce and seasonal fruit, sort their waste, turn off lights and share cars when they can – small contributions, but on the scale of the Libellian galaxy, they have an impact for everyone and for the planet. This is what Pierre Rabhi calls “happy moderation”.