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LR Technologies Group

LR Technologies Group, an engineering consulting firm, is a young “galaxy” that was created in 2014. Its animal spirit is the dragonfly. A “libellule” in French, a dragonfly has four wings and is known for its unique, powerful vision, as well as its flight style – a true technical feat. This creature therefore represents speed, agility, precision and balance.

These principles are dear to LR Technologies Group and are reflected both in the company’s structure and in its everyday activities. Performance and the fulfilment of the team of “Libellians”, a balance between our employees’ professional and private lives to boost the company’s development as well as everyone’s well-being and success – these are values and goals that constitute this happy start-up’s DNA. Our company nurtures a zest for living, fun and reaching out to others to foster rapid and profitable growth for everyone’s benefit.

Since its creation in 2014, LR Technologies Group has always been a socially and environmentally committed company.

After beeing recognized two times as a Great Place to Work company in 2016 & 2018, LR Technologies Group obtained in less than 6 months two Corporate and Social Responsability labels : First company to obtain the French label Toumaï by-Lucie at the end of 2019 and 99th company to obtain B-Corp Label in june 5, 2020. In four years, the company grew from 50 to over 400 employees. These rankings and the firm’s growth validate the effectiveness of LR Technologies Group’s corporate strategy, which, from the outset, has placed fun and human values at the heart of its development and performance.

Welcome to our Libellion galaxy

Since it was founded, LR Technologies Group has relied on three pillars (BSPCE founders’ warrants, the “wow” effect, and a horizontal organization chart), which still remain and which we have bolstered. Thanks to these pillars, we have been able to deploy our model in Toulouse, Bordeaux, Rennes and Brest, and have created a new “Libellian” planet, “Life Sciences”.



In two years, our employee base has grown from 50 to 200, and our culture has not changed. In fact, it is thanks to this culture that this achievement was possible, because, at LR Technologies Group, everything changes while nothing changes. Our spirit, philosophy and ambition remain intact.

Two figures are key. The first – perhaps the most striking – is our sales revenue. The Group’s sales revenue rose from €5.5 million to €12 million in just one year. Our offices grew from 250 m² to 1,000 m². But the best example of the LR Technologies Group spirit is our Livre du Libellien booklet, which describes our best practices, the many events organized, posts, and times we’ve spent together. “Libellians” share their experiences and describe opportunities to grow and succeed, but also to have fun, like our Ice Party at AccorHotels Arena in Bercy on December 14, 2017 for our year-end celebration, where all of the consultants and managers in France were invited with their spouses.


At the private Ice Party that took place on December 14th of last year, we shared our four-year objectives with all of the “Libellians”. Our “Goals for 2021” are to open branches in Lyon, Lille, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg and Italy. We will therefore continue on our trend and expand internationally based on the key to the success of our adventure so far: “What may seem extraordinary to you is ordinary for us.”

A warm welcome, personal support, fun, a zest for high performance, a culture based on recognition and, most importantly, a balance between professional and private life...

Welcome to our firm.
Welcome to Libellion!

Maxime Lacour and Pierre Rio, Co-Founders of the LR Technologies Group


Everything is in this booklet we call “Libellian's handbook”. This is our source of inspiration and motivation. Every day. Enjoy your reading.