Life @.

The game is life.

At LR Technologies Group, we like people who play.
We always meet applicants with a smile. Then, we spend time with them to understand their motivations, dreams and ambitions. We examine the compatibility of the assignment with the applicant’s personal life to ensure an optimal balance between private and professional life.


Life is a game

Then we suggest a game of table football, billiards, ping pong or darts – the best way to meet the team.
The applicant chooses. The managers are called in, and the game starts. The applicant feels part of the team right away. Everyone plays together, naturally, as we all do every day.

Our hiring process is effective, because it is based on a very simple, warm but, most importantly, reliable method: fun – one of the pillars of our corporate culture.

An interview at LR Technologies Group is a shared experience.

The subsidiaries are invited to reproduce the same consultation process for their office layout we adopted for Group’s head office in Versailles. On each occasion, a workshop on “What kind of layout for our Libellians? is held.

Our specifications were as follows: a 10-year-old, at 20-year-old or a 50-year-old who comes to our offices should be able to say, “Wow! Where am I?”.

Based on this premise, work can start. The goal is the same for all of our offices: to create spaces that are rather informal, unexpected and welcoming, where applicants are far removed from the usual hiring practices so they can feel free to express their personality and goals.



“Just like home”

A “just like home” feeling, a décor that resembles all of us, whether in Versailles, Toulouse, Rennes or elsewhere.

Foster relationships between people via spaces that purposefully avoid hierarchical divisions and are comfortable for future “Libellians” so that they want to give the best of themselves.


In brief and in “Libellian”

A smile is an immediate sign of who we are and what we do. It is also contagious, so we smile a lot, especially the first time, and we receive much more in return.

“Show me how you play and I will tell you who you are.” At LR Technologies Group, we strongly believe in Chinese proverbs.

What is your passion? What makes you get up in the morning? What are you doing for your vacation? These are questions that break down walls. What we like is to have applicants tell us what they like. Not to make sure they resemble us but to know what we will be able to share.

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