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Your aerospace and defense partner.

An engineering consulting firm specialized in the aerospace, defense and cybersecurity sector.



HERMEOTECH is an engineering consulting firm specialized in the aerospace, defense and cybersecurity sectors.

Our mission is to assist our clients in the different phases of a product’s lifecycle: design, manufacturing and operational maintenance.

Based on the requirements and the results, quality and/or schedule its clients expect, HERMEOTECH offers customized, adaptable project methods, with execution in consulting, “service center” or turnkey mode, as well as operational maintenance.

Agile and responsive, HERMEOTECH provides its expertise at each stage so as to offer a personal, effective solution that meets our clients’ expectations.

Our goal is to become the number one technology partner of leaders in the aerospace, defense and cybersecurity sectors.

Our areas of expertise



The commercial and military air transport industry is at the leading edge of technology. HERMEOTECH supports major operators in Europe in this sector in ensuring the success of their innovative projects by participating in the development of complex systems.



Today, space is the most strategic sector in the race to independence relative to telecommunications and travel in space for commercial purposes and tourism. Using our expertise, we participate in these programs, which are the most promising in terms of the development of new technologies.



This cutting-edge industry in France has been progressing continuously, many international contracts having been signed. We are fortunate to support major industry leaders in this sector thanks to the centralization of expertise in numerous fields.



In light of today’s threats, now more than ever, organizations must rapidly grow in maturity regarding the security of their information systems. HERMEOTECH has decided to specialize in cybersecurity and achieves its objectives by providing assistance to the most innovative operators in this sector.


Ingénierie informatique


  • Software development: application layers (HCI) and lower layers (drivers, etc.)
  • Embedded systems and real time
  • Augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D development, etc.
Ingenierie électronique


  • Power electronics (power supply development, transistors, power converters)
  • Analog electronics (calculators, sensors, acquisition)
  • Digital electronics (VHDL, FPGA, ASIC development)
  • Test benches (hardware and software design, HCI)
  • EMC (calculations, simulation)
  • Radiofrequency / microwave frequency
  • Operational safety


  • IS infrastructure security: data security (encryption), application security (access management, pattern locks), technical platform security (antiviruses, patches, physical security), network security (firewalls, DMZ, filters)
  • IS risk analysis consulting (EBIOS method/ANSSI, ISO27xxx, CoBIT, etc.)
  • Identification and access management
  • Development and integration of static and dynamic detection systems
  • Security information and event management solutions (SIEM)
  • Expertise in different fields (malware, intrusion tests, monitoring, fight against cybercrime, forensics, etc.)
Ingénierie mécanique


  • System engineering (system and functional specifications)
  • Design (functional analysis, FMEA, CAD)
  • Calculations (finite elements computation, materials resistance, thermal calculations)
  • Tests (specifications, management and execution of tests)
  • Mechanical power (hydraulics)
  • Operational safety