Corporate culture - LR Technologies Groupe

Corporate culture.

A flat organization

LR Technologies Group’s major asset is its men and women. Our teams will no doubt grow. This is why we opted for a horizontal structure from the outset, as it presents many advantages.

The business units that constitute LR Technologies Group’s galaxy are sized reasonably to ensure optimal management. The director of each Business Unit is also the primary recruiter, manager and sales person for the entity. He or she can always be contacted immediately by email or telephone.

In our galaxy, the different planets (Energeo, Hermeotech, Libellio, LR Technologies Sud-Ouest, LR Technologies Grand-Ouest, Life Sciences) live together. Decisions are made collectively, and relationships between “Libellians” often go beyond the work environment, which facilitates daily communication and naturally establishes close ties.


  • Information circulates freely and rapidly in the Libellion galaxy.
  • Approval circuits are as short as possible, and most often verbal.
  • Meetings are brief, as everyone is already aware of everything all the time.

BSPCE founders’ warrants

LR Technologies Group is growing and acquiring new shareholders. In two years, the number grew from five to seven... and this trend continues.

BSPCE founders’ warrants are a way to acquire shares based on the company’s growth. A future shareholder must achieve growth objectives based on the number of employees. We calculate the total and, if all goes well, the shareholder may obtain a percentage of the company’s shares. This system does not exist anywhere else!
At LR Technologies Group, the system to acquire ownership is exceptional.

The “wow” effect:

LR Technologies Group is a galaxy called Libellion.

Every “Libellian” branch created is like a new house. A house that is welcoming, with someone always present at reception, where the same Group Charter and values apply, as well as our motto: “What may seem extraordinary to you is ordinary for us.

Our reward is when a child comes into our offices and says, “Wow, is this your office, Dad?” That’s the “wow” effect.

This spirit is present in our offices (Toulouse has been renovated twice; Versailles has a new floor; offices have opened in Rennes) and also in everything we do. We nurture this “wow” effect every day, so that all of our consultants can react with enthrallment like a child. This is both a driver and our uniqueness.


I commit, you commit, and we all commit together

Commitment is a cornerstone of the LR Technologies Group’s spirit. At Management Committee meetings, managers set their own objectives they want to achieve, as they are the ones who truly know their markets.

Commitments regarding objectives are made by everyone to everyone. This culture of commitment applies to everyone, without exception, including senior management.

Maxime Lacour, the Group’s CEO, also reports back and explains his actions and results.