LR Technologies’ Ice Party
LR Technologies’ Ice Party

LR Technologies’ Ice Party

At LR TECHNOLOGIES GROUP, we constantly talk about the “Wow” effect.

Well, for Christmas, we decided to put the “Wow” effect into action.

With great fanfare, LR TECHNOLOGIES GROUP privatized the Accorhotels Arena for the most exceptional event of the year: the Ice Party!

No, no: our Libellians didn’t just skate.

Amidst our first falls, wild races and triple axles performed by our talented skaters (that may be a slight exaggeration), our Libellians were treated to a spectacular event.

Christmas huts on ice, gigantic snow machines, a show by freestylers, carnival games, and a tobogganing race – our colleagues were all able to bring their inner child to life.

Who came?

Close to 200 Libellians from across France who travelled with their family and were invited by the co-founders, Maxime Lacour and Pierre Rio.

And that’s not all! Our preferred partners were also present, as were former Libellians who lifted off to other galaxies. Libellians and former Libellians alike stay in contact.

“We wanted to bring all of our staff together,” explained Pierre Rio, Managing Director of LR TECHNOLOGIES GROUP. “We know that it is sometimes difficult to meet, talk and enjoy some good times together. That’s why it was important to us to invite our staff and their families, and to pay for their travel and accommodation.”

“We had so many things to announce! Our participation for the second time in the Great Place To Work ranking. The fact that we have crossed the threshold of 200 Libellians. So we couldn’t end this great year with anything less grandiose than the Accorhotels Arena. We owe all this to all our Libellians!” added Maxime Lacour, CEO of LR TECHNOLOGIES GROUP.

That’s how things happen at LR TECHNOLOGIES GROUP! Getting together, being enthralled, thanking Libellians – that’s the most important part, and that is what we intend to continue to do, whether there’s just two of us in the office or 1,000 employees throughout France!