LR TECHNOLOGIES GROUP follows the footsteps of our World Champions ⚽️🏆
LR TECHNOLOGIES GROUP follows the footsteps of our World Champions ⚽️🏆

LR TECHNOLOGIES GROUP follows the footsteps of our World Champions ⚽️🏆

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Our LR TECHNOLOGIES GROUP managers waited the entire year and now it’s back: training with Lionel Bellenger, a lecturer for HEC Executive Education, at the Clairefontaine training center!

What did you say?

You didn’t see this information last year and the year before?

Okay.  A repeat session for everyone, then!


Let’s start at the beginning. Who is Lionel Bellenger?

Lionel Bellenger is a great human being, whether in teaching or on the field. Today, Lionel is a consultant, speaker and lecturer for the “HEC Executive Education” Group, and he also coordinates training on negotiations for the Ecole Polytechnique, for example.

Are you impressed? Well, that’s not all.

Today, he trains “coaches for the League One coaches” for the French Football federation’s national technical department (D.T.N.). Fantastic.

And he has also published 35 works, including “Les 7 secrets des vrais pros” and “Comment manager demain”.

So, a little respect is in order!


On Friday and Saturday, September 7 and 8, 2018, 13 of our managers from different areas of France will be lucky enough to participate in intensive training on business negotiations with Mr. Bellenger on the French football team’s premises. (May the spirit of Pavard’s half-volley be with them…)

The concept?

To have one of the best trainers provide customized training on management and negotiations to our managers in one of the greatest locations: the Château de Clairefontaine.

Over two days, our Libellians will be able to interact with Mr. Bellenger and also use their learnings to grow and challenge themselves. For LR TECHNOLOGIES GROUP, this is one of the basic qualities of any team leader.

Three case studies have been prepared, and two teams have been created.

The goal? To create more convincing pitches by playing the role of a consultant, client or business engineer.

Each team chooses someone to be the “actor” in the case study. What will the others do? Wait … that’s the best part!

The two teams will be in separate rooms and will have live access to the discussions by video. The principle is obviously to see how the actors behave and respond in real time.

After each case study, a little bit of serious time follows the fun. First, a debriefing, with proposed areas of improvement, encouragement, an analysis of the discourse and body language, as well as the strategy and business techniques.

The synergy between the business world and the world of football is, of course, intense!

For example?

Have you ever heard of the “’Causerie’ Strategy?” It is simple.

PSG against Marseille. The “Classico”. Paris is losing 2-0 at half-time.

You are the coach.

How can you re-motivate these great players so that they come back to the game invigorated?

This is where the famous Business World/Football synergy comes in!

And what a venue! Isn’t it incredible to sleep in the same rooms are our 2018 World Champions? Classy.

Last year?

Our Libellians were able to meet the official referees in training! You can imagine that a few matches took place in the evenings.

Over these two days, our LR TECHNOLOGIES GROUP managers will have an opportunity to get together, interact and improve their great skills.

Maxime Lacour explains why he decided – along with his partner, Pierre Rio - to let the managers stay among themselves. “We don’t want our presence to stifle our managers’ personality and efforts to improve and provide feedback. We want them to remain among peers, with no pressure from their hierarchy. We decided to attend at lunch and see how they are doing. So far, we believe this has worked out perfectly.”

Our managers will return to us with stars in their eyes, their minds filled with new learnings, and with even greater skills.