Six Libellian entities certified ISO 9001
Six Libellian entities certified ISO 9001

Six Libellian entities certified ISO 9001

14 septembre 2018.

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Everyone has heard about ISO 9001 certification, but is it really worth it? What has LR TECHNOLOGIES GROUP committed to? What are the benefits?

Let us explain:

ISO 9001 can be summed up in one word:


It is simply a standard accepted throughout the world, certifying that a firm is well-organized internally.

There are a number of objectives:

  • To ensure the communication of information within a company is seamless
  • To identify internal and external risks that may impact the firm; to be aware of them and eliminate – or at least reduce – these risks
  • To improve market presence: on average, once certification has been obtained, a firm’s revenue increases by 7%

Anne-Laure Strainchamps Lecoyer, our HR Director, who was brave enough to tackle this challenge, explains that, “In fact, the ISO 9001 standard is just good common sense. It helps employees understand where they are, where they are going and how to get there. That’s fundamental for any company!”

What she doesn’t says is that LR TECHNOLOGIES GROUP has achieved a feat: to fulfill the requirements of this standard and achieve certification in less than one year – for six entities at the same time – although the firm is very young. Usually, to achieve this certification, a firm must have a longer history.

What did this process entail?

Step 1: A commitment letter was drafted that ensures employees will be offered the best internal organization possible.

Step 2: An audit of the company was conducted.

Step 3: Our Quality Manual was drafted to lay the foundation: an organization chart of the company, the creation of tools, organizational knowledge, etc.

According to Pierre Rio, Managing Director of LR TECHNOLOGIES GROUP, the effort was worth it. “Certification creates a significant advantage vis-à-vis our clients. The ISO 9001 standard guarantees quality. It is in fact for this reason that many of our major clients ask their partners to provide this certification. And from an internal perspective, it’s fantastic: we created 110 documents that we can all use. This was a monumental task, but we will be more efficient now. As soon as a new Libellian is hired, all he or she will have to do is follow the manual to stay on track. And when a Libellian is absent, we know who takes over. Fabulous.”

And now?

It’s not over! Having passed this first-year phase, LR TECHNOLOGIES GROUP will be audited for a second time in less than a year.

During this audit, we will have to demonstrate that we worked on the areas of improvement identified in the firm’s organization. A firm cannot rest on its laurels if it wants to keep its certification.

And LR TECHNOLOGIES GROUP intends to keep its certification for a very long time! So, we will always do whatever we can to have our internal organization remain effective, clear and seamless. Finally, we will continue to apply our policy of transparency with our Libellians, which we would apply even if the ISO 9001 standard didn’t exist!